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Credit Card/Debt Settlement

Are you struggling financially? Are you buried deep In debt?

Are you looking for a solution OUTSIDE of bankruptcy? If so, I may be able to help.

I have a proven track record for settling debt at deep discounts and depending on your present situation, you could be eligible for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars of debt relief!

You didn’t just arrive here by accident. You’re here for a reason. Most likely you’ve accumulated a lot of credit card debt and something has happened recently in your life that’s making it difficult for you to keep up with your prior financial commitments. You need help. Also, you probably never thought in a hundred years you would be having financial difficulties. But unfortunately bad things do happen to good, honest, decent people. After helping 1000’s of clients negotiate the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression I am almost certain that I have successfully handled your situation before.

Even if you are deep in debt you still have options.

1. Do nothing Most people muddle along when they are deep in debt. They make their minimum monthly payments and “rob Peter to pay Paul” until they can’t do it anymore. Once they can’t keep up anymore they just start ignoring their creditors. This works for a time; and if you fall into a certain category (unemployed, on SSI/Disability, etc.) this is a viable option. However, your creditors will never forget you and your debt will never go away, it only grows.

2. Bankruptcy Bankruptcy may or may not be a viable solution for you. Prior to retaining our firm I recommend you take a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.  I am happy to offer you a referral.

3. Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) Non-profit organization that are funded in-full or in-part by contributions from creditors. The typical arrangement is that you make one monthly lump sum payment to the CCCS, then they disburse your funds and pay each of your creditors for you. A CCCS will usually be able to get your interest rate reduced and stop the harassing collection calls. Remember, these agencies are funded by the credit card companies and their interests are not exactly aligned with yours. In most cases you end up paying back 100% of what you owe plus interest.

4. Obtain A Debt Consolidation Loan If you own a home most lenders would tell you that this is your best bet to clean up your debt.  It may or may not be. My concern is why would you turn unsecured debt into secured debt- and risk being homeless if you can’t make the payments? Think long and hard before you refinance your house to pay off a credit card! You cannot borrow your way out of debt.

5. Negotiate Settlements For Less Than Full Balance In certain situations and if handled correctly, most creditors will agree to accept less than full balance to settle outstanding debts.


If you are interested in legitimately settling your debt for less contact us now. Click here to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your situation with one of our experienced attorneys.


Important Facts and Issues to Keep in Mind for Settling Your Debt

FACT:  Your lender is not usually going to write off thousands of dollars without a fight. So you have to be strong and willing to persevere…sometimes for several months.

FACT: Not every strategy works with every financial institutions and collection agency.   It may take multiple attempts over 3-6 months, or more, to work out a favorable solution.

FACT: Creditors routinely threaten litigation. Most of the time they’re bluffing, but not always. So how do you know whether the threat of a lawsuit is real or just a bluff? It depends on which agency is handling the matter.   Experience matters here.

ISSUE: What if one of your accounts is referred to a law firm? Does that mean for sure you’re getting sued?  Probably.   However, as a licensed Virginia Attorney if you are, you can choose to retain us to appear and defend you in the matter.

ISSUE: What about settling liens and judgments? It is possible to settle outstanding liens and judgments for less than what is owed, but the discount is always much less. This is the danger of waiting. Keep in mind the strategy is more complicated than settling an outstanding credit card debt that was not already converted to a lien or a judgment. You’ll also need to make sure the proper paperwork gets filed at the courthouse after the settlement is finalized.

What Should I Expect To Save And What Does It Cost?

Keep in mind that not everyone is a candidate debt settlement. I do not have a crystal ball so I cannot accurately predict results. I can tell you that the amount discounted, if any, will depend more on your individual situation than anything else. We are very selective in who we accept as a client. We only accept clients that we consider to have a solid chance of success. The reason for this is that we don’t get paid unless we deliver RESULTS. That’s right. Our fee is contingent upon how much we can save you.

Furthermore, I offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATIONS. There are a lot of disreputable agencies out there taking advantage of the desperate. Do not become the prey of the unscrupulous. Do your research, ask the right questions, make an informed decision, and then act.