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Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure Prevention

If you are behind on your mortgage payments you could lose your home through a process called “foreclosure”. Besides losing their homes, homeowners who have been through the foreclosure process suffer from a drop in their credit core and therefore must wait a period of time before they are eligible to buy another home. If you’re having a trouble paying your mortgage and need help to choose the right solution for your situation, you may want to speak with a foreclosure prevention attorney.

Foreclosure prevention strategies are complex and require special knowledge and expertise. The law firm of Heath J. Thompson regulary represents clients in foreclosure cases and can help you find the right solution for your situation.

Heath J. Thompson is an attorney dedicated to assisting homeowners with foreclosure prevention and making their homes more affordable. He will initially assess a borrower’s eligibility for various home loan assistance. Many of these programs are unavailable, if you do not apply in a timely manner! So it is critical that borrowers take prompt action to seek the relief they need. Typically, this relief results in significant savings (totaling thousands of dollars) in interest and even principal reduction over the life of a home loan. Mr Thompson would like to help as many home owners as possible to assist them with their foreclosure prevention options, so please do not delay – contact us today. Quick action is the key to success – it can save your home and help protect your credit rating!

When to seek legal help with your home loan?

  • Late on your mortgage payments
  • On time with your mortgage payments but having difficulty making the payments
  • Upside down on your mortgage payments (you owe more than your property is worth)
  • An oppressive second mortgage

How can Heath J. Thompson, P.C. help you with foreclosure prevention and loan modification?

  • We can provide you with the information necessary for evaluating your options
  • With our help, you can avoid the delay, confusion and frustration in dealing with your lender directly
  • The need to convert an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate
  • We will negotiate the best possible terms and interest rates, in some cases rates as low as 2.00%
  • Heath J. Thompson, P.C. has the experience and close ties with the major lenders and foreclosure trustees necessary for obtaining optimal results in an expedited manner

Why choose Heath J. Thompson, P.C. for your foreclosure prevention?

  • We want you to be safe, happy and to remain in your home
  • We have a commitment to superior client service
  • Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who will answer your questions and keep you regularly informed on the status of your loan
  • Client satisfaction is our goal
  • Our fees are reasonably priced

Please be aware that there are countless out-of-state companies preying on homeowners facing foreclosure. They make promises they can’t keep and have no legal ability to fight for you here, in Virginia. Therefore be careful if an agency like this tells you to send your mortgage directly to them. Avoid these out-of-state firms, you will mostly likely be scammed! Furthermore, google ‘Foreclosure Rescue Scams’ before you hire an out-of-state company.


If you feel a foreclosure sale is not the right option for you, we offer assistance with a short sale negotiation and cash for keys settlement. Even if you lost your home to foreclosure, we might be able to help with a foreclosure rescission. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment, so we can review your situation and find the best solution for your situation.